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Why rent to NFP, LLC?

North Forty Properties, LLC is a locally owned small business that specializes in short-term housing solutions. We work with everyone in the housing process from landlords and homeowners to the tenants and their employers.

The need for remote workers is increasing, thus demanding many workers to travel to different headquarters and job sites. Our area is in high demand as workers seek part-time or short-term housing. This is where you and your property (or properties) come into play.

How does it work?

Larry Landlord wants a simpler life.

He wants to keep his investment property but be more “hands off.”

He rents to NFP, LLC who pays rent on time and in full, directly.

NFP then finds mid or long-term renters for the property and has it professionally cleaned between each stay.

These renters range from traveling nurses to corporate professionals to families in between homes.


In between renters, NFP attempts to fill the calendar with short term tenants to ensure maximum capacity of the home or apartment. To do this, NFP lists the property on various websites, which screens each tenant through background checks to ensure they are a good fit for the unit.


Even if NFP gets ZERO tenants in the unit,

Larry Landlord is still paid IN FULL and ON TIME each and every month.

Blue Sofa


Landlords: Working with NFP, LLC not only guarantees your rent to be paid in full and on-time by us, but it also allows you to break from managing all-together:​​


  • Monthly rent is paid on time and in full directly from NFP, LLC.​​

    • Regardless of whether we find tenants for your property, we will always be diligent on payment to you.

  • Your property will be professionally cleaned after each individual stay.

    • This could range from once a month to even several times per week.

    • Although we do hope for long term leases with each landlord, when we do return the property at the end of its lease, it will be in move-in ready condition for the next tenant.

  • Day-to-day maintenance requests and minor issues generally can be managed by our handy man that we have on staff.

    • This means less burden to the landlord.

  • Each guest is typically screened by the booking platform.

    • That background check thus transfers to us and is available upon your request.

    • Peace of mind for us, and for you.

  • We fully furnish the home or apartment.

    • This means less moving in and out of the unit, and less wear and tear on the home.​



We haven't really discovered any cons yet, but if one ever arises, we'll be sure to add it here.

Want to be a NFP Landlord?

Submit your request today. Not every property is approved to be a NFP Property, but there is no harm in inquiring.

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