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Landlords looking for the newest solution in managing your rentals?


Let us do that.

At no cost to you.


NFP provides a new way of managing rental properties.  Landlords want guaranteed income and great renters. Corporate travelers want short term housing that's clean, convenient and well taken care of.

North Forty Properties PROVIDES FOR BOTH. 


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Larry Landlord wants a simpler life.

He wants to keep his investment property but be more “hands off.”

He rents to NFP, LLC who pays rent on time and in full, directly.

NFP then finds mid or long-term renters for the property and has it professionally cleaned between each stay.

These renters range from traveling nurses to corporate professionals to families in between homes.


In between renters, NFP attempts to fill the calendar with short term tenants to ensure maximum capacity of the home or apartment. To do this, NFP lists the property on various websites, which screens each tenant through background checks to ensure they are a good fit for the unit.


Even if NFP gets ZERO tenants in the unit,

Larry Landlord is still paid IN FULL and ON TIME each and every month.

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From landlords requesting more information to tenants booking their stay, our virtual concierge is helpful and courteous and can answer any questions or concerns that may arise.  We want to provide an excellent experience from both the landlords and tenants perspectives.

We also continue to learn, grow and improve our business values and processes every day. 



We all want our property to be treated and cared for with the utmost respect. 

Here at NFP, LLC, we have each and every home or apartment professionally cleaned between each guest. This makes less hassle for landlords, cleaner homes for our tenants and peace of mind for all of us. At the end of our lease, the unit is of course cleaned again, then handed back over the landlord in great condition, and ready for new tenants.

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